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  • Book Title: Intelligent Fanatics: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
  • Authors: Sean Iddings and Ian Cassel
  • Publication Date: December 2016


"Intelligent Fanatics: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants," written by Sean Iddings and Ian Cassel, delves into the world of extraordinary leaders who have achieved remarkable business success through unconventional and visionary approaches. Published in December 2016, this book offers finance professionals valuable insights into the characteristics and strategies that set these leaders apart. By examining the lives and careers of these intelligent fanatics, the authors provide a guide to understanding how innovative thinking, strategic risk-taking, and long-term vision can drive exceptional outcomes in the business world.

Intelligent Fanatics: Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants
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Content Summary

Iddings and Cassel define intelligent fanatics as visionary leaders who possess unique attributes and employ distinct strategies to achieve extraordinary business success. The book is organized around detailed case studies of various leaders from diverse industries, illustrating how their unconventional approaches have led to outstanding results. Key concepts include the importance of innovation, the willingness to take calculated risks, and the emphasis on long-term thinking.

The authors delve into the lives and careers of these intelligent fanatics, highlighting common traits such as resilience, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to their vision. Each case study provides a comprehensive look at the leader’s journey, the challenges they faced, and the innovative solutions they implemented. Through these stories, readers gain practical insights into effective leadership and business strategy.

Key concepts explored in the book include:

  • Innovation: The leaders featured in the book are characterized by their ability to think outside the box and introduce groundbreaking ideas that disrupt traditional business models.
  • Calculated Risk-Taking: Intelligent fanatics are willing to take strategic risks, understanding that failure is often a stepping stone to success.
  • Long-Term Vision: These leaders prioritize long-term goals over short-term gains, ensuring sustainable growth and lasting impact.

Core topics covered include:

  • Case Studies: Detailed examinations of notable intelligent fanatics, including their background, business ventures, and leadership styles.
  • Common Traits: Analysis of the shared characteristics that contribute to the success of these leaders, such as resilience, creativity, and a strong sense of purpose.
  • Leadership Lessons: Practical insights and lessons drawn from the experiences of intelligent fanatics, applicable to finance professionals and business leaders.

By presenting these concepts and topics through engaging and informative case studies, "Intelligent Fanatics" provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to be a visionary leader in today’s competitive business environment.

Critical Analysis

Strengths "Intelligent Fanatics: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants" excels in its detailed and engaging case studies, which provide real-world examples of successful leaders who have significantly impacted their industries. The authors’ meticulous research and storytelling bring these leaders to life, offering readers a deep understanding of the strategies and mindsets that drove their success. This focus on practical, real-world examples makes the book highly valuable for finance professionals seeking actionable insights into effective leadership and business strategy.

Another strength of the book is its emphasis on unconventional approaches and innovative thinking. Iddings and Cassel highlight the importance of thinking outside the box, challenging traditional business models, and being willing to take calculated risks. This perspective is particularly relevant in today’s rapidly changing business environment, where innovation and adaptability are crucial for success. The book’s focus on long-term vision and sustainable growth also provides a refreshing contrast to the often short-term focus of contemporary business strategies.

Weaknesses While the book offers valuable insights, it does have some limitations. One of the main weaknesses is the limited diversity in the selection of case studies. Most of the featured leaders come from similar backgrounds and industries, which may not provide a comprehensive view of intelligent fanaticism across a broader range of contexts. Including a more diverse array of leaders from different industries and cultural backgrounds could have enriched the book’s content and made its lessons more universally applicable.

Additionally, some of the examples provided in the book might lack depth or context for finance professionals seeking more detailed analysis. While the case studies are informative, they sometimes focus more on the narrative of the leader’s journey rather than providing a thorough examination of the specific strategies and financial metrics that drove their success. More detailed financial analysis and strategic breakdowns would have been beneficial for readers looking for in-depth insights into the business decisions and market conditions that contributed to these leaders’ achievements.

Comparative Analysis Compared to other leadership and business strategy books, such as Jim Collins’ "Good to Great," "Intelligent Fanatics" offers a unique perspective by focusing on individual leaders rather than companies. While Collins’ work examines the characteristics of companies that have achieved lasting success, Iddings and Cassel highlight the personal qualities and leadership styles of the individuals behind these successes. This individual-focused approach provides a different angle on the topic of business success, emphasizing the impact of visionary leadership on organizational outcomes.

However, unlike "Good to Great," which provides a more systematic analysis of business success factors, "Intelligent Fanatics" sometimes lacks the same level of rigor and depth in its analysis. Collins’ book is known for its extensive research and data-driven approach, which offers readers a comprehensive framework for understanding business success. In contrast, "Intelligent Fanatics" is more narrative-driven, focusing on storytelling and qualitative insights rather than quantitative analysis. This makes it a more accessible read but potentially less detailed for those seeking a rigorous, data-oriented perspective.

Notable Quotes

Introduction "Intelligent Fanatics: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants" by Sean Iddings and Ian Cassel is filled with insightful quotes that capture the essence of visionary leadership and innovative thinking. Here are some notable quotes from the book that highlight key concepts and provide valuable lessons for finance professionals.


  1. On Vision and Leadership:
    • "Intelligent fanatics see what others don’t. They have a vision that goes beyond the obvious, and they possess the courage to pursue it relentlessly."
  2. On Innovation:
    • "Innovation is not just about creating something new; it’s about seeing the world differently and finding unique solutions to problems that others overlook."
  3. On Risk-Taking:
    • "Calculated risk-taking is the hallmark of intelligent fanatics. They understand that failure is a part of the journey and use it as a stepping stone to greater success."
  4. On Long-Term Thinking:
    • "While others focus on short-term gains, intelligent fanatics are playing the long game. Their decisions are guided by a vision that spans decades, not just quarters."
  5. On Resilience:
    • "Resilience is the backbone of intelligent fanatics. They face setbacks with unwavering determination, learning from each challenge and emerging stronger."
  6. On Unconventional Approaches:
    • "Great leaders are not afraid to challenge the status quo. Intelligent fanatics embrace unconventional approaches that often defy traditional business logic."
  7. On Building a Legacy:
    • "Intelligent fanatics are driven by a desire to build something that lasts. They focus on creating a legacy that will endure long after they are gone."
  8. On Learning and Growth:
    • "The journey of an intelligent fanatic is one of continuous learning. They are always seeking new knowledge and insights to refine their strategies and improve their businesses."
  9. On Team Building:
    • "Surrounding themselves with talented individuals is crucial for intelligent fanatics. They understand the importance of building a strong, capable team that shares their vision and passion."
  10. On Strategic Thinking:
    • "Strategic thinking is at the core of an intelligent fanatic’s success. They meticulously plan their moves, always considering the broader implications of their decisions."

These quotes from "Intelligent Fanatics: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants" provide a glimpse into the wisdom and philosophy of visionary leaders. They serve as a source of inspiration and guidance for finance professionals aiming to develop their leadership skills and drive their organizations toward sustained success.


Overall, "Intelligent Fanatics: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants" is a valuable resource for finance professionals interested in understanding the attributes and strategies of exceptional leaders. The detailed case studies and practical insights make it a compelling read for those looking to enhance their leadership skills and business acumen. Despite some limitations in diversity and depth, the book’s emphasis on innovation, risk-taking, and long-term thinking provides a wealth of knowledge that can be applied to professional growth and investment strategies.

Recommendation: Highly recommended for finance professionals seeking to learn from visionary leaders and apply these lessons to their own careers and investments. The book’s practical approach and real-world examples offer valuable insights that are both informative and actionable.


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